Because Bangladesh is located on the seismically active Indian plate, it is exposed to significant earthquake risk. In fact, the Earthquake Disaster Risk Index of Stanford University ranks the capital city of Dhaka, home to 15 million people and growing, among the 20 most earthquake-vulnerable cities in the world.

The Bangladesh Urban Earthquake Resiliency Project, which is directly supported by the World Bank, aims to build consensus among decision makers as to what to do about that; Miyamoto International Bangladesh plans to be among the technical experts addressing these vulnerabilities while helping to carry out a mitigation plan. The dream is to create a seismically resilient city, first in Dhaka and then elsewhere. The time to lay down the groundwork is now.

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Country Manager:
Mohammed M. Anowar, B.Sc., USA
Nasim Uddin, Ph.D., PE, F.ASCE