Miyamoto International Turkey was formed in 2008 because Istanbul resides on the North Anatolian Fault, one of the most energetic earthquake zones in the world. Should a large earthquake hit this area, the loss of life and financial implications would be enormous.

The World Bank and EU financed a $1 billion program for Turkey to seismically upgrade schools, hospitals and historical monuments. In 1999, a horrific earthquake that killed an estimated 17,480 people and injured more than 23,000 struck the city of Izmit. Seismologists studying the North Anatolian fault believe that this earthquake may set the stage for a larger quake to strike Istanbul within the next few decades.

Combining the expertise gained from the 1999 earthquake with approaches to seismic safety found in other advanced, earthquake-prone countries, Miyamoto International Turkey is a leader in seismic-risk reduction and earthquake-risk management expertise. We specialize in high-performance solutions for new construction as well as seismic isolation and innovative techniques for retrofitting existing buildings.

Our global vision of mitigating seismic risk, combined with our high-performance engineering expertise, enables us to provide clients with the optimal solution for both financial investment and innovative risk reduction to protect clients from business interruption after a large earthquake.

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