Architectural Nexus’ adaptive reuse of an existing building resulted in a newly renovated office building that tackles California’s energy and water crises head on with net zero energy and water consumption. The result is an extraordinary space showcasing the highest in sustainability standards. Once the 12-month performance period ends, the structure will be the first certified Living Building Challenge project in California. To date, only 11 such projects exist worldwide. Rainwater supplies all of the water needed and solar panels generate all energy on site. Waste is also locally composted. These elements embrace the firm’s core values of inspiration, stewardship and regeneration. Miyamoto was the expert structural consultant. The project was designed to be an inspiration for others to employ similar methods — an example of how a building can regenerate the environment and community while inspiring new design trends. Located on Sacramento’s historic R Street, the building is crafted of recycled wood and steel and locally sourced materials.


Sacramento, CA
Architectural Nexus
8,262 SF