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The Aquaventure waterpark is part of the Atlantis hotel in Jumeirah Palm Island, Dubai. Due to its popularity, the developer looked to expand the vast waterpark by adding new rides, clustered in a new zone called tower of Poseidon. The tower itself is a reinforced concrete passenger access platform, housing the launching sequence for the new water rides: aqualoop, boomerang and anaconda. Franky peer reviewed all the rides structure, comprising fiber glass flumes and their steel supporting structure (arms and columns). He was responsible in checking the calculation, highlighting to the client and original designer of shortcomings from design point of view. He checked the original designer’s models to ensure they adhere to basic engineering principles, and consistent with construction intent. He ensured the structural calculations were admissible to the checking authority. Through this project, he became more familiar with the particular sets of standards and rules, including construction tolerance and construction technology, used in this type of construction.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates




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