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The new ATC tower at Indira Gandhi International Airport is unique in more ways than one and has already become an icon for the people in Delhi. It stands 101.9 meters tall with a slenderness ratio of nearly 1:14.

It is the first project in India to have a Tuned Mass Damper, which is positioned at approximately 91 meters high. What makes the Delhi ATC the most unique in the world is that it has a constantly changing shape as it rises from the ground all the way to the roof. While the tower outline moves inwards along the X-direction, it simultaneously moves outwards in the Y-direction.

The top two levels of the tower are steel; the rest of the tower is built using high-strength reinforced concrete. The tower rests on a raft 3.0 meters deep and is supported by 32 piles 1.5 meters in diameter thick. A glass lift located at the center of the tower provides a 360-degree view of the Delhi skyline. The design team was responsible for the entire design and also post-contract services.

Market Sector
New Delhi, India
Completion Date
$50 million

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