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Blue Water Glen Ivy Sports Club
Blue Water Glen Ivy Sports Club
Blue Water Glen Ivy Sports Club

The Blue Water Sports Club in Glen Ivy, California is a one-story, steel-framed structure with a running track over the pool area. The steel beams spanning over the pool are tapered at the ends and are exposed at the eve. Much of the steel elements are exposed, including a horizontal steel beam in the middle of the window wall at the pool. Proprietary special moment frame connections allowed the use of deeper and lighter column beam sections.

The sports club provides wellness to a 1,200-home resort community, while taking into account the area’s natural features. Located on the border of the Cleveland National Forest amid citrus groves, the club offers exceptional views of the Anderson Canyon.


2010 Outstanding Historical Renovation, ASCE region 9
2009 Best Renovation/Restoration California Construction
2009 Outstanding Project of the Year Award for Structural Project, ASCE
2009 Design Honor Award, AIA CV
2009 Best Projects of 2009 Award, Mcgraw Hill
2009 Transit Oriented Development of the Year, Sacramento Regional Transit
2009  J. Timothy Anderson Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation, Best Historic Rehabilitation, National Housing & Rehabilitation Association
2009  Showcase Project for Sacramento Area Youth Sustainability Council, Local Government Commission
2008 Redevelopment Excellence, National Association of Local Housing

Market Sector
Corona, CA
Completion Date
15,000 SF

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