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Brouwerij West
Brouwerij West
Brouwerij West

The Brouwerij West Microbrewery and Tasting Room is located at the Port of Los Angeles in the city of San Pedro. The Brouwerij West team converted 120,000 SF of space in a former World War II-era Navy warehouse into a new flagship brewery. Miyamoto engineered the support structure for the brewery, including the electrical building, restroom building and supporting slabs for the new equipment. The new additions were designed considering the limitations of the existing light-weight building and poor soil conditions. Brouwerij West is positioned to be a mecca for craft beer fans, offering on-site retail and production brewing. Owner Brian Mercer traveled the world as a “gypsy brewer” perfecting his Belgian beers before setting down roots in his hometown, San Pedro. The amazing space, along with exceptional beer, makes it a destination worth visiting. We at Miyamoto strive to do everything we can to help clients achieve their dreams.

Market Sector
Port of Los Angeles, CA
Completion Date
120,000 SF

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