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Covid Alliance App

COVID-19 is an unprecedented epidemic. Containment is likely impossible now with over ~340,000 cases affecting 192 countries. But the worst is yet to come because most countries are still in the exponential growth phase of their outbreaks. The US is currently only flattening the curve when we should also be reducing the spread.

The Covid Alliance app can track COVID-19 without eroding privacy. It can help with early detection, which is key for rapid isolation and prevention of further infections.

Who We Are

The COVID Alliance is a team of data scientists, software engineers, policy experts, and epidemiologists who have built a scientifically valid, simple-to-use, privacy-secure platform featuring dashboards for public decision-makers and applications for citizens.

Team is deeply qualified to deliver proposed technical solution and includes experts with leadership experience in the 2014-15 Ebola outbreak and large-scale data inference. We have extensive relevant domain expertise.

Every day counts to be healthy and safe again

Who We Are

How It Works

Communicate real-time information and track the aggregated movements and interactions of individuals

Identify citizens likely exposed to COVID-19 to target testing and other services

Assist policy-makers to enable citizens to safely return to normal economic and social activity

We can build a much more comprehensive contact tracing solution, enable better demand management of the healthcare system, and provide insights on how best to minimize economic damage. DONATE

We are offering states, municipalities, and health organizations a platform to enable the management of the COVID-19 pandemic with minimal health, economic, and social costs.


What We Can Deliver In The Next 2–8 Weeks

Template Outbreak Containment Tool 01 Learn More Contact Tracing Solution 02 Learn More Safe Restart Tool 03 Learn More Remote Symptom Monitoring Tool 04 Learn More Platform Overview

Meet the team

Slide James Daves Partnerships
Clinton Administration FCC; Everyone, Inc.
Emerson Tan Dr. Christopher Mores Tech & Epidemic Response
Principal, Financial Empowerment Partners, Technical architect of 2014 Ebola response, Sierra Leone
Virology, Epidemiology
Professor, Milken Institute School of Public Health 2014-15 Ebola outbreak responder
Slide Ryan Naughton President
Director of Engineering, Fair
Karishma Patel Laura Rupprecht Public health, Disaster response
Researcher, Pardee RAND
Biomedical engineering, data
Biomedical Engineering Lab Manager, Johns Hopkins University
Slide Peter Hurford Non-profit coordination, policy
Executive Director, Rethink Priorities
Andrew Graham Rob Krzyzanowski Executive Director
Engagement Manager, McKinsey (former)
Head of technology
Head of Core Data Engineering, Citadel
Slide Brendan Walsh Econometrics, forecasting
Senior Analyst at Discovery Capital Management (former )
Matt Glickman John Fagan Data platform
VP of Customer & Data Strategy, Snowflake Computing
Partnerships, legal advisory Director of U.S. Treasury’s Markets Room (former)

Template Your donation will directly support the development of COVID Alliance, a collaborative data platform that powers better connected contact tracing. Join us Donate Now

Why Work With Us

Big data inference capabilities + policy expertise

Independence: We are an independent entity formed to combat the threat of the COVID-19

Privacy: We designed the Alliance to be able to win the trust of all stakeholders

Collaboration: Our backend data platform is flexible and extensible

Connect with us to provide infection data to match with the tracking data to build better inferences for your community

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