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This three-story expansion to the existing University Union provides an amenity-rich addition and a new gateway to the heart of the campus. The 60,000-SF addition includes large meeting spaces and offices for University functions. Delivered using CSU’s innovative “Collaborative Design-Build” method, this project engages stakeholders in design workshops, ensuring University staff and students are heard. Miyamoto provided innovative analysis and an integrated construction team allowed us to create solutions that combine the old and new buildings together with no seismic gaps.

QR Codes posted across campus have an embedded path to a live 3D model of the current design.  Additionally, 11”x17” renderings provide an easy way for students to have a view into the design process. A phone number with text input is will capture student comments and recognize student-body trends.

The new design solution takes advantage of the quad to the north to provide an active outdoor space for student activity. By creating a permeable and light-filled north face, the project will be a beacon for student life. The strong architectural statement is consistent with the “Tree Canopy” theme embraced by the campus Master Plan. This project is in a very active area of campus, so construction phasing is planned to have the least impact on existing operations.

You can watch demolition and construction at a live camera here:

Sacramento, California
Dreyfuss + Blackford Architecture
$35 Million
120,000 SF

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