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The Ebner Building is an integral piece of Old Sacramento history. The original building was constructed around 1856, and served as a hotel for Sacramento for many years. Today, a replica of the historic Ebner/Empire Hotel Building proudly stands in place of the original building, but as a mixed-use building with basement parking, street-level shops, and offices on upper levels. The structural system consists of concrete masonry block walls supporting a brick veneer. Using the existing masonry wall on the east end of the Empire Building to support the new construction saved on construction costs and schedule. The roof is framed with glu-laminated beams and wood i-joists and the upper floors are framed with steel beams and wood i-joists; for an efficient system that went up quickly. The first floor consists of a cast-in-place flat plate concrete slab. A replica of the original look-out tower stands atop the Ebner/Empire building as a beacon to Old Sacramento’s shining future.


Sacramento, CA
Otto Construction
Carson Development Partners
Construction Cost
$5.9 million
26,000 SF

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