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The 106-story “Exchange 106” supertall high-rise in Malaysia will be the world’s 15th-tallest building. At 1,483 feet (452m), it already has transformed the city’s skyline and downtown financial hub. Visitors are greeted by a majestic 15-meter-tall Grand Lobby with water features and lush, green surroundings. Currently nearing completion, this high-rise surpasses the landmark Petronas Tower. Our staff experience includes coordinating and managing the project with an overseas design team. The design is a complete structural system founded on a piled-raft system supported by a 4.2-meter deep mat foundation with 1.8-meter and 2.0-meter diameter bored piles. Miyamoto International also worked with the Mulia Group directly to update wind load on the structural supplement report. Designed as a modern icon nestled in a park setting, the building is seeking Green Building Index certification by meeting the highest standards of environmental sustainability. At dusk, the building will animate and glow with colored lights inspired by Malaysian culture and economic vibrancy.










Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Mulia Property Development Sdn Bhd
Mulia Group Architects
Structural Engineering:
Louie International, San Francisco
Miyamoto International, San Francisco
M&E Engineering:
Beca International, Auckland, NZ
Design + Build by Mulia Property Development
Project Cost:
$650-700 Million
34,000 SF per Floor
106 Floors, 6 Basements

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