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The twin 50-storey residential towers are the first phase of a planned seaside mixed used high rise developments. Meinhardt was engaged on the project after successfully delivering the Grand Shamaya project for the same Client. In this project he also assumed the role of project manager for Meinhardt’s structure and MEP team. The Client marketed the project as a value proposition, affordable sea side apartment. To help the Client ensure the viability of the project and entire development, further complicated by the fact it is located in site with high liquefaction risk, Franky led the team to further develop and refine the automation technology used in Grand Shamaya to deliver a truly data driven approach in structural design. Working with the architect and nominated contractor, the structural design ran dozens of options and hundreds of iterations early in schematic design stage, to arrive at hyper-optimized and extremely cost efficient structures, convincing the Client to continue on the project.



Surabaya, Indonesia




PP properti suramadu under construction

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