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How Advancements In Technology Have Made Disaster Recovery Faster

What can two Haitian earthquakes a decade apart tell us about tech and disaster recovery?

By Guilaine Victor, Dr. Kit Miyamoto, and Olivia Nielsen of Miyamoto International

Much has changed over the last decade, including the overwhelming adoption of mobile phones and digital apps that encompass an all-inclusive array of services, including disaster response. The latest magnitude 7.2 earthquake in Haiti now shows exactly how these new digital developments, combined with technical assistance, can lead to efficient damage and repair assessments, and speed up recovery efforts.

Two major earthquakes struck Haiti in recent years: one in January 2010 and another in August 2021. The first magnitude 7.0 hit the country’s capital, Port au Prince, killing over 200,000 people and damaging over 500,000 buildings. The more recent one occurred in the less densely populated southern region, killing a few thousand people, and damaging over 100,000 buildings.

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