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John Reed Fitness is a revolutionary fitness chain owned by the RSG Group. What makes this gym/club stand out from the rest is how it combines fitness, music and design to provide its members with an exciting and engaging space where they can work out to the beat of the music. This project brings to the USA its first John Reed Fitness establishment, providing South Park locals and guests with an opportunity to engage in a healthier lifestyle while in a club environment. Members can enjoy amenities such as a snooze room and sauna, both excellent for relaxing after a hard workout, locker rooms and coves that provide social retreats where members can interact with each other. All this is united by a concrete jungle theme and art pieces by various artists.

Miyamoto International oversaw this tenant improvement project, preparing the existing building for its new function with a structural design and support for decorative and architectural features.

Los Angeles, CA
RSG Group North America LP
33,000 SF

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