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This Master Plan consists of evaluating more than 40 buildings on five campuses within the Peralta Community College District in the Bay Area to determine the funding needed in the upcoming 2018 bond measure. Our assessment includes a holistic approach to the need for new teaching environments, repair and maintenance of existing building inventory, life-cycle cost reduction, sustainability and structural retrofit. The State of California’s Facilities Condition Index (FCI) also was used to identify buildings that have exceeded their useful life and should be demolished rather than improved. Our team listened to the executives, facilities group, community and users to understand the goals of each group. We then developed scoring criteria that utilizes Lean decision-making techniques like Choosing By Advantage to help the college prioritize the importance of data collected and identify the projects most important to the future goals of the college. Our cost estimates have identified more than $1 billion in projects in need of funding. We have prioritized these needs based on criteria specified by the college.


Oakland, CA
Berkeley, CA
Bay Area, CA
Steinberg Architects
Construction Cost
$800 Million
5 Campuses

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