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Seismic Isolated Eskişehir City Hospital
Seismic Isolated Eskişehir City Hospital

The Ministry of Health has started a large-scale investment program with the goal of eliminating small-capacity healthcare facilities in crowded downtown areas, consolidating them into more efficient and accessible single locations.  Approximately 200 large-city campus hospitals will be constructed in the next decade, funded by public-private partnerships. The Eskisehir City Hospital campus is part of this program. The campus has 1,081 beds, including 715-bed General Hospital, 139-bed Cardiovascular Surgery Hospital, 127-bed Oncology Hospital and 100-bed High-Security Forensic Psychiatry Hospital. Located in Eskisehir city, the campus is in a first-degree (highest) seismic zone. Therefore, 973 double-friction pendulum-type isolators were utilized as a high-performance engineering solution to provide uninterrupted operation after an earthquake. The project includes site-specific seismic hazard analysis, seismic isolation system design on the upper structure, as well as design and cost analyses.

Market Sector
Eskişehir, Turkey
Completion Date
Ministry of Health
333,000 m2

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