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Our work in Colombia is focused on high-performance earthquake engineering and structural engineering for all types of buildings. Because it has three major plates determining its geology, Colombia is a country of high seismicity. One town, Mesa de los Santos, shakes 365 day a year.

The capital of Bogotá, population 8 million, is especially vulnerable because it sits near two major fault lines and, like Mexico City, is built on the soils of an ancient lake. Besides our office in Bogotá, Miyamoto International also has a project office in the small town of San Juan de Pasto in the south near the border of Ecuador.

Bogotá has its own building code because of its high seismicity (that’s different from the national code), but informal builders sometimes don’t follow these regulations, putting more people at risk. Miyamoto’s mission is to make the world a better, safer place to protect people and structures in areas of high-earthquake risk.

Contact Info
Carrera 7 B Bis #126-36
Bogotá, Colombia
P – +57 1 7953618

Country Manager
Juan Sandoval

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