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Our professional staff and consultants have responded to more than 100 earthquake and hurricane events in the past 30 years. In Haiti, we responded to the 2010 7.0-M earthquake, working with the Ministry of Public Works, Transport, and Communications (MTPTC), UNOPS and Pan American Development Foundation to conduct an earthquake damage assessment program on an unprecedented 400,000 buildings.

Passing our technical knowledge along, we then trained 600 Haitian engineers under extreme post-disaster conditions to rebuild Haiti to high seismic standards. This program was the world’s first to use a personal digital assistant (PDA) database management technique to provide real-time information to key disaster response and recovery organizations. The information generated by this program allowed people to move from temporary shelters into adequate housing before the hurricane season began.

We’ve had a team in Haiti ever since — with a focus on making a positive impact and safeguarding lives though engineering and compassion. Port-au-Prince also was the location of our first nonprofit Miyamoto Relief’s first project: the seismic repair of the Lycee National de Cite Soleil to protect the lives of the school’s 1,400+ students.

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