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Miyamoto India was founded in 2014 as part of Miyamoto’s strategy to be located in all seismically active areas to provide its specialized services — thereby contributing to seismic resilience. This helps fulfill our mission of saving lives and impacting economies.

India is a fast developing nation and the need for quality infrastructure and housing that can withstand the earthquake risks is great here, as the country is growing exponentially. General awareness levels are still very low and the public at large has no idea that structures can be designed to Operational, Immediate Occupancy, Life-safety and Collapse Prevention standards. Most buildings in India only adhere to the Collapse Prevention level of design, but believe they are Earthquake Resistant construction without realizing what that implies and means. India also has a vast number of Heritage Structures that need to be preserved for future generations. Both structural and non-structural aspects need urgent design intervention.

Miyamoto India aims at bringing global best practices in sesismic safety to India. By having global expertise in seismic safety just a phone call away, Miyamoto India wants to be the undisputed leader in seismic risk reduction, contributing to the society by raising awareness levels and designing state-of-the-art structures.

Miyamoto is the world leader in high-performance solutions for new construction and innovative techniques of retrofitting existing buildings and preserving historic treasures and assets. The company has designed numerous projects across the globe using all the advanced technologies in the world today. Miyamoto actively contributes in building code formulation by offering its expertise. The company’s global vision of achieving full seismic resilience combined with high-performance engineering expertise, enables us to provide the client with the optimal solution of both financial investment and risk reduction.

Contact Info

302, 3rd Floor, Emaar Palm Square
Golf Course Extension Road, Sector – 66
Gurgaon, Haryana – 122101 (view map)

Country Manager:
Sandeep Donald Shah

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