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Miyamoto Italia was founded in 2010 after L’Aquila earthquake, which revealed the extreme vulnerability of Italy’s architectural, historical and monumental heritage and caused a large amount of non-structural damage to businesses. Combining the expertise gained here with approaches to seismic safety found in other advanced, earthquake-prone countries, Miyamoto Italia aims to be a leader in seismic-risk reduction.

We specialize in high-performance solutions for new construction and innovative techniques of retrofitting existing buildings and preserving historic treasures and assets. Our global vision of seismic risk, combined with high-performance engineering expertise, enables us to provide the client with the optimal solution of both financial investment and risk reduction.

Contact Info

Via Mecenate 76/32-34
20138 Milano
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P +39 02 503498
F +39 02 58306222

Marco Cossu
Devis Sonda

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