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Under the authority of the United Nations Office of Project Services, Miyamoto International assessed damage to more than 1,000 residences and facilities of the staff of the United Nations and international organizations in Haiti. These assessments helped identify the damage and loss of strength of the facilities in the aftermath of the magnitude 7.0 earthquake of January 12, 2010, and subsequent aftershocks. Our assessments were performed during the period between February and December 2010, and the majority of these structures were single-family residences, apartments, and offices that were used by employees of 16 United Nations and donor agencies. The purpose of this program was twofold. First, it was to provide agency employees with an expert evaluation of the damage to their homes and whether or not the homes could be safely occupied in their current condition. Second, it was to assess the vulnerability of the homes to damage from future earthquakes.

Market Sector
Port Au Prince, Haiti

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