At Qualcomm Pacific Center, the parking structure presented several challenges. To accommodate the new AY and AZ campus office buildings, the structure, originally designed as five levels, was increased to a six-level structure with 1,516 stalls.  Early in the design process, Miyamoto explored a value-engineering solution for the foundation system. Due to the amount of artificial fill material over the existing subsurface canyon and magnitude of the foundation loads, a deep foundation system (drilled piers) was proposed in the geotechnical report.  An existing canyon drain also presented a challenge because deep foundations could damage it, as the exact location was unknown. We recommended an alternate system, rammed aggregate pier (RAP), which is a ground-improvement technique to increase the capacity of the soil. By using the alternative foundation system, construction costs were reduced by more than $200,000, and construction duration plus risk of damaging the existing canyon drain were reduced.


Market Sector
San Diego, California
Completion Date
Parking Design Associates
$14 Million
392,201 SF