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Artesia Branch Library
Artesia Branch Library
Artesia Branch Library
Artesia Branch Library
Artesia Branch LibraryArtesia Branch LibraryArtesia Branch Library

Responding to a growing population, the County of Los Angeles solicited the A/E team to develop a new 10,850 SF, one-story library with a unique layout that includes a range of child, teen and adult spaces, as well as staff support spaces. The multi-roof plane building features high pop-out atrium in the center with a sloping bi-level main roof and a large community meeting room that offers much-needed community gathering space. The foundation utilizes cast-in-drilled-hole piles tied together with grade beams. The gravity framing consists of structural steel, while the lateral force resisting system consist of special masonry shear walls and special steel moment resisting frames supporting a bare metal deck diaphragm. Exterior work included a courtyard, parking for 45 vehicles, bike parking and site-related improvements and landscaping.

Artesia, CA
County of Los Angeles (Owner)
IBI Group (Prime)
Construction Cost
$6.7 Million
10,850 SF

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