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Our mission is to make the world a better, safer place.

We are passionate and very committed to make the world a better, safer place.

Areas of Expertise

Miyamoto’s disaster risk reduction and management initiatives cover a range of activities with a focus on the mitigation or prevention of losses.

Disaster Risk Management Policy and Practice
Multi-Hazard Disaster Risk Reduction
Disaster Response, Early Recovery and Reconstruction
Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation, and Long Term Development

We Build Resilience


Miyamoto International has served the world for more than 70 years


We have responded to more than 100 earthquake and hurricane events


We have more than 20 offices strategically located worldwide in earthquake-prone regions

Our work builds resilience through local capacity development with our technical and programmatic team acting as a catalyst to support local leaders and institutions. We lead with world-class technical inputs while assisting countries and communities in turning that data into critical decision making by providing a unique and timely platform for country-led interventions.

Expert Services

Our expert services can be deployed to meet community needs and brought together to tackle the complex challenges inherent in pre- and post-disaster and post-conflict environments. Built on decades of earthquake and structural engineering experience in the field, our expertise supports how countries and communities address the economic, political, socio-cultural, sustainability and technical challenges involved in risk reduction and post-disaster recovery. Miyamoto businesses are strategically located worldwide in earthquake-prone regions to impact economies and save lives. Our work in reconstruction and long-term development follows an integrated and system-based approach prioritizing participation, community development and the environment.

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