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In the challenging and uncertain months following the Christchurch earthquakes, many commercial and residential property owners found themselves with damaged buildings and an urgent need for clear and accurate information on the status of their properties. Miyamoto International NZ engineers were there to meet this need. Using their expertise, they assessed and identified the extent and severity of structural and cosmetic damage.

Along with the assessments, the team developed innovative, cost-effective engineering solutions. Providing these assessments and solutions to insurance and loss adjustors enabled property owners to move forward with the repair of their assets.

Recognised as experts in this field, Miyamoto International NZ engineers were used by a range of clients including Lumley, Vero, Cunningham Lindsay, Mainland Claims and the Ireland Group. These clients all benefited from the more concise evaluations and repair methodology utilised by Miyamoto International NZ. Several re-scopes were completed on buildings, as previous evaluations were considered faulty. The team also provided second opinions that were generally accepted.

The greatest benefit to these clients was having a much clearer understanding of the damage to their properties and the repair options possible. Miyamoto International NZ provided clarity, certainty and confidence. From this foundation, these clients could make effective decisions about the best way to proceed. In so doing, they took an important step in both their recovery and the city’s rebuild.

Christchurch, New Zealand
2011 – Current
Client Team
Miyamoto International NZ

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