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The Public Safety Academy, the school district’s state-of-the-art facility, is a K-8 campus customized for students interested in law enforcement and firefighting careers. The two-story library, the gymnasium, and the locker room building are situated strategically throughout the existing campus and utilize buckling-restrained braced frames to resist earthquake forces. The covered walkway between the gymnasium and locker room protects students from outdoor elements. Both the library and locker room building accommodate severe steps in their roof diaphragms by transferring diaphragm forces vertically to available lateral systems via “diaphragm step trusses.” The roofs of each building are designed to accommodate the weight and mass of future photovoltaic systems.

Fairfield, CA
MADI Architecture
Gymnasium – 9,000 SF
Locker & Weight Room – 5,000 SF
Library – 10,000 SF
Project Cost
Approximately $15 Million

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