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Miyamoto provided the structural design of the Nissan-Infinity Parking Structure, a 10-level, 668,551-SF multi-use building. Aiming for the commercial redevelopment of the southern half of a city block, the structure houses a showroom, repair-shop, storage area and public parking. Levels five and up are reserved for private use while the levels below contain a Nissan/Infiniti automotive dealership—public parking and vehicle storage are limited to levels one and two. Due to site constraints and a Mercedes Benz building, which is adjacent to the project site, the team had to create unique design solutions under a very fast design and construction schedule. Miyamoto had originally designed a full-level deep transfer girder above the existing Mercedes building but quickly redesigned the structure to remove it during the foundation construction due to the fire rating of the existing building. Furthermore, the constraints presented a unique challenge to shoring and foundation installment, and property lines demanded offset foundations on three sides of the building.

Los Angeles, CA
Sparc Plus, LLC.
$70 Million (est.)
668,551 Square Feet
1577 Stalls

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