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Miyamoto is engineering a 23-story, mixed-use, high-rise with three levels of underground parking, ground-level retail space and five levels of offices. The remaining levels will be condominiums. This concrete structure is being designed with cutting-edge, performance-based design that incorporates seismic dampers at the upper levels. A special feature of this project is that the high-rise will have mechanical services provided to it by an independent central utility plant that will eventually service more than 30 surrounding buildings. The plant will be housed in the basement of the adjacent parking structure, which is closely tied to the tower. Access between the tower and parking garage is provided at the lower levels, while pedestrian access is allowed for the remaining nine levels of the parking structure above ground. The intent of this design is to provide a structure that not only meets the code’s goal of life safety but will enable the structure to be fully operational without the added cost of retrofit after a major seismic event.

Reno, NV
Secundo Vita Duo, LLC
Cathexes Architecture
301,000 SF Building
205,000 SF Garage
Construction Cost
$65 Million

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