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The Standard Works parking structure is a new four-level, 398 space, Type I-A parking garage in El Segundo, CA, using a hybrid system of pre-cast gravity framing and cast-in-place concrete shear walls and foundations. With sloping grades on three sides of the structure of upwards of a 20’ difference, significant lateral soil loads had to be considered in the structural design. In addition, site constraints with existing buildings to the north and south forced nearly a quarter of the foundation to be dropped over 12’ below existing grade to avoid surcharging the other structures. Due to the shoring required adjacent to the existing structures as well as to the eastern property line, extensive grade beams and a number of eccentric footings at both gravity and shear wall elements were designed and detailed. A seismically tied ramp to the west serving only upper floors also induced loads on the lower level. Spans of over 60’ were accomplished by way of post-tensioned double-tee beams to pre-cast columns, with the interaction between both CIP and pre-cast elements requiring multiple rounds of coordination for effective solutions.


El Segundo, CA
Smoky Hollow Industries, LLC
Construction Cost
Estimated $4.5 Million
Approximately 145,000 SF

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