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Miyamoto International is a global structural engineering and disaster-risk management company providing critical services that sustain industries and safeguard communities around the world.

Our Expertise

We are experts in disaster-resilient engineering that reduces damages and facilitates disaster recovery. Miyamoto has turned its focus to federal contract acquisition. We are seeking “attainable” contract opportunities across the Pacific Rim.

Jeff Crosier, S.E.

Senior Principal

Jeff Crosier, S.E., is Senior Principal at Miyamoto International, Inc., a global earthquake + structural engineering firm with 21 offices in 13 countries around the world. Jeff oversees the domestic…

H. Kit Miyamoto, Ph.D., S.E.

CEO and Humanitarian Coordinator

Dr. H. Kit Miyamoto is the CEO and Humanitarian Coordinator of Miyamoto International, a global engineering and humanitarian organization with 30 locations on five continents. He leads with one purpose:…


  • 16,000+ Clients Served
  • 1000+ New Projects a Year

  • 32 Million+ SF Constructed
  • 300+ Global Staff

  • Served the World for More than 75 Years

  • Responded to Over 100 Earthquakes since 1971

Core Competencies

  • Structural Engineering
  • Earthquake Engineering
  • Sustainable Design
  • Disaster Reconstruction
  • Risk Engineering
  • Disaster Mitigation

Past Performance

  • Schofield Barracks Quad A Renovation
  • P-855 Naval Basic Training Command
  • Camp Pendleton Wifi Tower Evaluation
  • USACE FED Camp Walker
  • San Clemente BEQ
  • Camp Pendleton WFTBn Support Facilities
  • Camp Pendleton Aviation Training Parking Structure
  • China Lake Seismic Assessments
  • NAVFAC San Diego Construction & Renovation Projects
  • P-2000 Camp Pendleton MCB Mess Hall and Warehouse
  • U.S. Armed Forces Reserve Centers, Fort Allen, Fort Buchanan, Roosevelt Road, and Center Mayaguez

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