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Ed Friedrichs
Jay Reiser
Andreas Giannakogiorgos
Elizabeth Petheo
Andrew Landells
Dr. Akira Wada
Bob Glasgow
Guilaine Victor
Charles Li
Diana Erwin
David Weir
Deepansh Kathuria
Dr. Devis Sonda
Casey Lubawy
Nick Regos
Francis Lo
Greg Davies
Jini Agrawal
Jeff Crosier
Dr. H. Kit Miyamoto
Josh Reynolds
Juan Sandoval
Jesus “Chuy” Valdez
Kenneth Wong
Lana Anest
Lon Determan
Samuel W. Thompson
Mark Broughton
Marco Cossu
Sam Porter
Sabine Kast
Sandeep Shah
Soon-Min Kwon
Sudip Pathak
Veronica Chauvel
Tim Tsukamoto
Tom Chan
Dr. Tsutomu Nifuku
Yusuf Zahit Gündoğdu
Yusuf Zahit Gundogdu
Peter Carlson
Sean Fraser
Daniel Ahkiam
Jamie Claire Kiser

Our leaders serve the staff and make everyone’s job easier.

“Leaders must understand each staff’s strength and passion and build a team around people’s uniqueness. If everyone’s genius is discovered and tapped into, as a team we can accomplish Great Things. Leaders exist to create leaders, not followers. Give people maximum freedom to do their best and most creative work.” – Dr. H. Kit Miyamoto

  • Dr. H. Kit Miyamoto, Global CEO
  • Andreas Giannakogiorgos, Geotechnical
  • Andrew Landells, Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Dr. Akira Wada, Miyamoto Relief Advisor
  • Bob Glasgow, Corporate Engineering
  • Charles Li, San Francisco
  • Casey Lubawy, Sacramento
  • David Weir, New Zealand
  • Deepansh Kathuria, Los Angeles
  • Dr. Devis Sonda, Italy
  • Diana Erwin, Communications + Marketing
  • Ed Friedrichs, Reno
  • Elizabeth Petheo, International Development (D.C.)
  • Francis Lo, Orange County
  • Greg Davies, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Guilaine Victor, Haiti
  • Jamie Claire Kiser, Board member
  • Jay Reiser, Business Development
  • Jini Agrawal, Nepal
  • Jeff Crosier,  Operations
  • Jesus “Chuy” Valdez, Mexico
  • Josh Reynolds, San Jose
  • Juan Sandoval, Colombia
  • Kenneth Wong, Los Angeles
  • Lana Anest, HR
  • Lon Determan, Sacramento
  • Marco Cossu, Italy
  • Mark Broughton, Haiti
  • Nick Regos, New Zealand
  • Peter Carlson, San Diego
  • Sabine Kast, International Development
  • Sam Porter, Finance
  • Samuel W. Thompson, Liberia
  • Sandeep Shah, India
  • Soon-Min Kwon, Sacramento
  • Sudip Pathak, Nepal
  • Timothy Tsukamoto, Sacramento
  • Tom Chan, Board member
  • Dr. Tsutomu Nifuku, Corporate Engineering
  • Veronica Chauvel, Reno
  • Yusuf Zahit Gundogdu, Turkey
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