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When you face a challenge, you need the experts. We bring decades of experience to your most challenging project, whether that be risk mitigation, disaster reconstruction or showing you how to protect your assets while saving you money. Just ask. We have the solutions you need.

Asset Protection

Minimum building codes used for buildings and infrastructure are rarely enough to keep businesses and communities functioning after significant natural disasters. Codes exist to save lives, not to keep your building operational or even usable after an earthquake or other natural disaster. We can assess the likely performance of buildings and infrastructure before natural disaster hitsand identify specific vulnerabilities. Then we’ll develop prioritized solutions to limit business-interruption losses and reduce property damage to acceptable levels.

Disaster Mitigation

From our vast experience in natural disasters, we’ve found that effective disaster-mitigation programs are critical to save lives and reduce financial and societal interruptions after a disaster. We partner with national governments, the private sector, NGOs and international organizations such as the United Nations, the World Bank and USAID to strategize and implement natural-hazard mitigation programs. Private-sector organizations include national banks, commercial and industrial facilities and multinational corporations. In Istanbul, we played a critical role in a $1 billion World Bank and European Union program providing a technical platform and quality control for the seismic rehabilitation of 2,000 schools, hospitals and historic monuments. In Romania, we managed engineering and construction-quality programs as part of a $200 million World Bank project. In Haiti, we engineered key private-sector buildings for seismic upgrades and engineered new construction using high-performance earthquake engineering.

Disaster Reconstruction

During the response phase, we develop a knowledge of local practices, then work with local people and organizations to transfer our technical knowledge in culturally responsive ways. Using this foundation and knowledge, we partner with the World Bank, national governments, the private sector and international organizations to develop and implement reconstruction strategies.We also provide an international-standard construction management system that speeds up the construction process while monitoring quality control. We not only engineer safe structures, but also help build human capacities around the globe. This is the legacy that will last for generations after reconstruction is complete.

Disaster Response

Our professional staff and consultants have responded to more than 100 earthquake and hurricane events in the past 30 years. As a global leader in engineering, we partner with the World Bank, United Nations, USAID and various NGOs to continually respond to disasters to help restore safety. We provide crucial post-disaster activities, including structural safety assessment, damage assessment, damage data collection, retrieval of critical documents, debris management, human capacity building, assessment technical platforms and reconstruction strategies. We are the only professional structural engineering expert consultant organization in the world that provides immediate and permanent support systems for all major disasters.

High-Performance Earthquake Engineering

Miyamoto International specializes in designing High-Performance Earthquake Engineering solutions that reduce life cycle costs and produce a positive net impact on a structure’s operation. Miyamoto provides the highest-quality engineering expertise for some of the world’s most challenging projects throughout the Americas, Asia and Europe. Our clients who desire highly effective and sustainable technical solutions include governments, private-sector organizations, developers, architects and contractors.

Miyamoto Industrial

Our tilt-up structures save you time and money and use high-performance engineering to protect your building from disaster.


Miyamoto International takes pride in preserving our historic past, as well as building structures for future generations to enjoy. Creating seismic designs so that new and historic buildings can withstand the harshest of earthquakes is just one of our firm’s specialties. Our successfully retrofitted structures span from Canada and San Diego to Italy, Haiti and New Zealand, confirming our leadership in the industry. Our success is based on developing solutions to mitigate damage to historic treasures while also achieving the highest life-safety performance for occupants and visitors.

Structural Engineering

Miyamoto International is a global earthquake and structural engineering firm that provides critical services to help sustain industries and communities around the world. For more than 60 years, we have successfully executed the industry’s best and most efficient design practices. Our commitment to clients is to provide a tailored, professional service that is cost effective and efficient. Such designs directly correlate to cost savings during both the construction and life cycle of your project.

Romania Hazard Risk Mitigation & Emergency Preparedness
Romania Hazard Risk Mitigation & Emergency Preparedness
Historic Rehabilitation, Historical Rehab, International, International Development
Damage Assessment Of 400,000 Structures In Haiti
Damage Assessment of 400,000 Structures in Haiti
Disaster Response, Haiti, International Development
L’Aquila, Italy
Disaster Response, International Development, Italy
National Palace Of The Republic Of Haiti
National Palace of the Republic of Haiti
Disaster Response, Haiti, International Development
Kwang-Ahn Grand Bridge
Kwang-Ahn Grand Bridge
Bridges, Disaster Mitigation, International, Work Sector
Haiti Hospital
2010 Haiti Earthquake Disaster Response
Disaster Response, Haiti, International Development
Istanbul Turkey Earthquake Risk Mitigation And Rehabilitation
Istanbul Turkey Earthquake Risk Mitigation & Rehabilitation
Disaster Mitigation, International Development, Turkey
Haiti 400,000 Damaged Buildings Repair Program
Haiti 400,000 Damaged Buildings Repair Program
Disaster Reconstruction, Haiti, International Development
Hale Medical Office Building
Hale Medical Office Building
Earthquake Engineering, Healthcare, Locations, Orange County, Tilt-up, Work Sector
Masterton Courthouse
Masterton Courthouse
Earthquake Engineering, New Zealand
Project Stronger Archdiocese Of Wellington Property Portfolio
Project Stronger Archdiocese of Wellington Property Portfolio
Asset Protection, Disaster Mitigation, New Zealand
San Nicolò Church
Disaster Reconstruction, Historic Rehabilitation, Italy, Religious
Miragoane Cathedral
Disaster Reconstruction, Haiti, High-performance earthquake engineering, Historic Rehabilitation, Historical Rehab, Religious, Seismic Retrofit/Heritage Renovation
Ataş Fuel Oil Facilities
Disaster Mitigation, Energy, Turkey
Hotel Marti Myra Holiday Village
Earthquake Engineering, Hospitality, Turkey
CCC Insurance Programme
Asset Protection, Disaster Reconstruction, New Zealand
Asset Protection, Sacramento, Sacramento, Warehouse & Distribution
Yellow-House Repair Program
Disaster Reconstruction, Disaster Response, Haiti, International Development
UNICEF 15 School Reconstruction and Repair Program
Disaster Reconstruction, Education, Haiti
Sindhupalchowk Repair, Retrofit and Training Program
Disaster Reconstruction, Nepal, Seismic Retrofit/Heritage Renovation
All Hands Volunteers School Reconstruction
Disaster Reconstruction, Nepal
Planète Enfants’ School Reconstruction Program
Disaster Reconstruction, Nepal
Brouwerij West
Brouwerij West – Port of Los Angeles
Adaptive Reuse, Commercial, Historical Rehab, Los Angeles
Repair, Seismic Retrofit and Supervision of Thrangu Tara Abbey
Disaster Reconstruction, Nepal, Religious, Seismic Retrofit/Heritage Renovation
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