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The KL Residency Apartment Complex is three high-rise buildings featuring high-end apartments. The buildings have two basements and fourteen floors each. The construction type is cast-in-place reinforced concrete and the structural systems are moment resisting frames.
Miyamoto modeled the three towers to analyze building performance using the recorded seismic motion of the 7.8-M, April 25 earthquake and compared the simulated damage against the actual damage sustained at the towers in the April and May 2015 events. Then, based on an understanding of the particular seismic vulnerabilities of the towers, three distinct retrofit technologies, including reinforcement using shear walls, viscous fluid dampers and a Buckling Restraint Brace system were applied in the model to ascertain which retrofit strategy will yield the greatest performance benefits compared against construction cost.

Market Sector
Seismic Retrofit, High-rise
Kathmandu, Nepal
Completion Date
KL Properties
Three 14-story towers
with two sublevels

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