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In the Kyiv Oblast Voluntary Association (OVA), a meeting was held to discuss the region’s energy decentralization programs. This meeting, which included representatives from the energy division of RTI International (USA) and Miyamoto International Ukraine, was hosted by Mykola Boyko, the First Deputy Head of the Kyiv Regional State Administration. It was convened as part of the activities of the Kyiv Regional Office of International Cooperation.

The discussion covered various aspects and priorities of Ukraine’s energy sector, including the potential needs for energy restoration in the region. The participants agreed that identifying specific areas and facilities for targeted aid would ensure maximum effectiveness.

Mykola Boyko, during the meeting, emphasized the Kyiv region’s commitment to energy transformation. “To achieve energy independence and security, we must overhaul our outdated systems. Our focus includes adopting green energy solutions and initiating the decentralization of energy infrastructures,” he stated.

He also highlighted the region’s plan to install rooftop solar power systems at 294 facilities, including educational institutions, healthcare centers, and TsNAPs (administrative service centers). Additionally, he discussed the benefits of setting up cogeneration plants, which would facilitate energy decentralization, enable electricity production, and allow for flexible thermal power regulation based on load, season, and weather conditions.

The meeting also addressed the pressing need to install modular power stations in various communities across the region and explored alternatives for energy sources and electricity transportation. The participants underscored the importance of developing a resilient and sustainable energy sector.

The implementation of this energy decentralization program is slated to begin in the first half of 2024. Its primary objectives include enhancing energy supply, improving demand management, and strengthening the region’s energy markets.

The Regional Office of International Cooperation, an initiative under the President of Ukraine’s Congress of Local and Regional Authorities, aims to foster collaboration between local and regional authorities and international partners at both the regional and community levels.


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