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Following the many years of civil war in Liberia, the country faces a severe housing shortage. Because more than 60 percent of the urban population lives in slums, the National Housing Authority estimates that 500,000 homes will be needed by the year 2030.

Leaders at all levels acknowledge the importance of developing a long-term housing strategy to facilitate the social advancement and economic growth of Liberia. This housing issue persists largely because there is a lack of access to housing mortgage and quality housing.

The overarching goal to address these issues is to create housing finance vehicles and a viable housing construction industry in Liberia and ways for low-income Liberians to access it. Introducing international engineering expertise and standards will lead to the building of national capacity. The use of local available material, techniques and the labor force is critical for the long-term growth of the housing market. Public and private partnerships are crucial.

Contact Info

Bright Compound
14 West Benson Street
Monrovia, Liberia
P – +231 886 558 468

Country Manager:
Samuel W. Thompson

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