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The Los Angeles Regional Transportation Management Center serves as the emergency command center for Caltrans District 7, California Highway Patrol and Los Angeles County Metro and therefore was designed to remain operational after a severe earthquake. This five-story, base-isolated building was built to allow emergency dispatchers to help manage freeway traffic and maximize roadway capacity, providing a safer traveling experience for the general public. Through the collaboration of three transit-related agencies, this center has realized its objectives to increase freeway speeds, decrease traffic delays, and reduce incident response times. This essential services facility was designed using  high-performance engineering to maximize its optimal performance. The building is supported on 23, 36-inch diameter rubber isolators, which allows it to move up to 24 inches relative to the ground. Seismic energy is dissipated through 300-kip fluid viscous dampers.

Los Angeles
Construction Cost 
$40 Million

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