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Miyamoto International was tasked by nonprofit Global Disaster Relief to embark with them on an initiative to rehabilitate the Lycée Nationale de Cité Soleil. The goal was to make the school safe for students and teachers without fearing it would fall in on them in the next disaster. But how could anybody make such a structurally unsound building earthquake resilient? With Miyamoto International’s decades of experience, they developed a plan to retrofit the school to international seismic standards.

Not only did they say this could be done, Miyamoto provided its expertise pro-bono, recruited dozens of Haitian businesses to contribute the resources and funds and engaged an experienced firm to carry out the work. After many months of planning and several months of active construction, in October of 2014 the Lycée Nationale de Cité Soleil was able to re-open its classrooms for the first time since the fateful day of January 12, 2010.

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