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Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, times are tough for us all. Yet our team at Miyamoto International refuses to slow down, because our determination to make the world a better, safer place is unwavering. As a global structural engineering and disaster-risk reduction firm, we provide resiliency expertise that sustains industries and safeguards communities around the world.

In our 75-year history, we’ve expanded more this year than ever before. This week we will open the doors to our 26th office, based in Phoenix, Arizona. This aligns with Dr. H. Kit Miyamoto’s vision, as the company’s CEO, of “We continuously improve and expand to assist our clients wherever we are needed”

Drawing on 10 years of experience within the company – Mark Broughton will lead the Phoenix office, with the full backing and support of Miyamoto’s national and worldwide network of structural engineers.

In Mark’s words: “We’re looking forward to getting to know our Phoenix-based clientele, so that we can provide them with the tailored solutions and engineering expertise we are known for globally.”

Miyamoto’s focus in Phoenix will be on healthcare, education, civic, and commercial sectors, as well as distribution centers. Our team is standing by to assist you with any project, big or small.



Mark joined Miyamoto in 2010 and provided an essential role in the recovery of Haiti after the 7.0 M earthquake. He commuted to Haiti for the next 8 years and became an honorary Haitian. After the Palu earthquake in Indonesia in 2018, he designed and implemented an earthquake-damaged retrofit design program for 3,000 schools. With the help of local engineers, he recruited and trained in an incredibly challenging environment. Following the 2020 Puerto Rico earthquake, he was instrumental in helping us open our Puerto Rico office. His can-do attitude and unique leadership style have been influential.

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