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Miyamoto To Meet On Earthquake Resilience In India

Miyamoto International India will advocate for “better than code” designs based on high-performance earthquake engineering when the firm speaks at a major conference on tall buildings occurring in New Delhi, India on December 6 and 7. Additional meetings to share his expertise will be held throughout the week.
The “Conference on Planning and Design of Tall Buildings” brings together stalwarts of the building industry to discuss trends, challenges and opportunities in the design, construction and operation of tall buildings. With more than 40 percent of India’s population expected in live in dense urban areas by the year 2030, India’s cities face a growing demand to go vertical with residential and commercial space.  In coming years, India expects to be the next big center for the tallest skyscrapers in the world and some experts are concerned that building code are not adequately protecting owners or the public from earthquake disaster.

Given that India is on the earthquake-prone “Ring of Fire” along with Italy, New Zealand, Ecuador and Nepal – all of which suffered devastating earthquakes in 2015 and 2016 – speaker Dr. H. Kit Miyamoto is expected to push industry and the public sector to build and retrofit structures with enhanced earthquake resiliency. His global earthquake structural engineering firm, Miyamoto International, is a leading expert in high-performance design, has responded to more than 100 earthquakes, won awards for its humanitarian work and this year earned the United States’ Presidential  Award for the earthquake engineering expertise and training it shares worldwide.

High-performance engineering uses various energy dissipating devices in new and retrofit applications to help structures perform better in earthquakes. In earthquake-prone Japan, for instance, many tall buildings have at least some devices to absorb earthquake energy.
“Business continuity and limiting structural and non-structural damage to buildings is fast gaining importance throughout the world,” Miyamoto India’s Sandeep Shah said. “More and more owners of buildings around the world have the goal of ‘Immediate Occupancy’ after a disaster. Hopefully, India too will soon adopt a performance-based design approach.”

The assembled attendees will include structural engineers, architects, academicians, builders and developers, urban planners, policy makers and government representatives.

Miyamoto International has an office in Gurgaon, India and 15 locations worldwide. For information on the conference, please visit The conference is organized by the Indian Association of Structural Engineers.

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