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Miyamoto Thought Leaders At Global Earthquake Engineering Conference

SANTIAGO, CHILE – From the seismic protection of one of Michelangelo’s most famous statues to new technical studies on the performance of pagodas, heritage cathedrals and high-rises in large earthquakes, Miyamoto International will present no fewer than six technical papers by its PhDs and structural engineers at the 16th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering that began Monday.

Held only once every four years, the conference, this one in Santiago, Chile, will host 3,000 of the world’s top earthquake engineers as the event focuses on sharing knowledge about improving structural resiliency to earthquakes.

The papers Miyamoto International authors are presenting at WCEE are by esteemed earthquake engineering authors such as H. Kit Miyamoto, Amir Giliani, Tsutomu Nifuku, Devis Sonda and Forrest Lanning. They include:

  • Seismic and vibration protection of the statue Pieta Rondanini by Michelangelo.” D. Sonda, A. Cigada, E. Zappa, M. Cossu.
  • “Analysis of the seismic performance of a strengthened pagoda temple during Gorkha earthquake.” Authors: D. Sonda, J. Bothara, C. Chesi, V. Sumini, S. Tonna, B. Planas.
  • “Cost-Effective Seismic Isolation Retrofit of Heritage Cathedrals in Haiti.” Authors: K. Miyamoto, D. Sonda, A. Wada.
  • “Damage Assessment and Seismic Retrofit of Traditional and Modern Midrise Buildings in the Aftermath of 2015 Nepal Earthquake.” Authors: A. Gilani, K. Miyamoto.
  • “Preparing Rescue and Emergency Personnel to Ameliorate the Response to Earthquakes in Costa Rica and Colombia.” Authors: F. Lanning, K. Miyamoto, A. Gilani, T. Nifuki, S. Kast, D. Ubico Duran.
  • “Evaluation of Seismic Performance of Suspended Ceiling Systems using Dynamic Testing and Finite Element Analysis.” Authors: A. Gilani, S. Takhirov.

The conference organizing committee is chaired by Rodolfo Saragoni, a professor from the University of Chile, and runs through Friday.

For additional information, please contact:
Diana Erwin
Communications + Marketing Director

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