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Nepal Earthquake: Quality Construction Is Life Or Death

KATHMANDU, Nepal – Thousands of people in rural villages dotting Nepal’s vast mountains are completely cut off from the bustle of aid that’s flowed into Kathmandu since the 7.8 earthquake April 27. From embassy meetings to  assessments in rural villages, a team of earthquake structural engineers from Miyamoto International is on the ground laying the groundwork to help Nepal respond and recover.

Meanwhile, our California offices continue to receive pleas for help and structural assessments via Facebook and other means. “I just wanted to know if there is any way to repair some earthquake-stricken buildings,” one young man wrote. “Please, excuse my lack of knowledge in this field as I am not an engineering student.  Since most of the people in Nepal can only build one house in their entire life, it is daunting  to leave the damaged buildings and build new earthquake resistant houses at will. Only few affluent people can afford (this). Most of the population will reside in the same houses again.”

Many reports describe entire villages as being “washed away” by the earthquake and ensuing avalanches. The real story is high in the craggy mountains. “The villages are very isolated,” said Dr. H. Kit Miyamoto, CEO of Miyamoto International, president of Miyamoto Global Disaster Relief and a California Seismic Commissioner. “There are ways to recover and reconstruct effectively but the world needs to act fast. Many of damaged houses can be repaired and strengthened. Monsoon season is around the corner and winter is severe.”

For more on what we are discovering in Nepal, visit Kit’s blog, watch the video above and explore the news stories below.


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