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Design of a new 98-unit, 5-story above-grade, type III residential construction with three levels of below-grade parking, which are cut into the existing hill and adjacent to Metro light rail tracks. The development will include 98 market-rate apartment units with a total area of 68,268 SF and 125 stalls of parking with a total area of 50,893 SF. The total building area is approximately 135,000 SF. The three level below-grade parking will incorporate the existing Metropolitan Transit Authority’s (MTA) electric traction station. The new building will be designed and constructed to keep the traction station in place. In addition to the proposed 98-unit building, Miyamoto will also provide structural engineering services related to the new concrete free standing deck adjacent to the building. The concrete pier supported deck will be used as fire truck staging and turn around area.

Market Sector:
Pasadena, CA
Estimated 2019
Walnut Morengo Investors, LLC
Construction Cost
Approximately $40 Million
135,000 SF

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