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USAID/BHA funded Turkey project, implemented by Miyamoto International, Inc., aims to provide shelter and settlement support in the earthquake-affected region of Osmaniye, Turkey following the M7.8 February 2023 earthquake. The project focuses on reoccupying houses and apartments that have suffered some damage but are repairable to get the most significant number of people under cover and get communities on track for rapid recovery.

The project also emphasizes the importance of communication with the affected communities, with a two-way communication channel and grievance mechanisms in place to ensure transparency and adjust interventions in real time based on the realities on the ground. Miyamoto Protek, a well-established local engineering firm, will collaborate with the local government, partners, and cluster actors to develop and implement effective communication strategies. By leveraging emerging communication tools, the team will work together on content design, key messaging, and sharing outcomes, insights, and materials to achieve their objectives.

The project aims to equip more than 20,000 households in the affected area with improved knowledge on structural safety issues as it pertains to their homes or small businesses if located in mix-use residential buildings, benefiting upwards of 70,000 individuals and seeking to reduce the number of IDPs.

Osmaniye, Turkey

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