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The SEED School of Los Angeles County is a public college-prep boarding high school that provides the opportunity for 400 low-income and formerly homeless students to experience top-tier education and training for future jobs in the STEM, transportation, and infrastructure industries, as well as in humanities. 

The six-story school’s design is composed of a five-story Type III dormitory over a one-story Type I concrete podium, with educational and support functions in the ground floor podium and student and resident advisor rooms above. The upper-level residences encircle an elevated garden plaza that provides community space for the school, with heavy planting and trees. The project offers 54,913-SF for classrooms, offices, and common areas; 21,185-SF for apartment units housing 20 staff members; and 71,399-SF for 170 dormitory units housing 400 students. An adjacent but structurally independent Type I gymnasium and administration building provides for fitness and assembly needs. Lastly, the gym features an occupied rooftop sports court that is supported over the 82-foot-long, long-span gym roof below. 

Los Angeles, CA
Adobe Communities
$65 Million
150,000 SF

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