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test_thumbAn international earthquake engineering expert, the president and CEO, Dr. Hideki Kit Miyamoto from Japan said that  “the Shwedagon pagoda and the multi-story at the Yangon should be use a high performance earthquake engineering approach to the design to reduce steel weight and the need for concrete grade beams with the use of fluid viscous dampers for resistance of the earthquake.”

U Myat Kaung, the CEO from the Golden Key Co., Ltd., also said that “ We can judge the incoming earthquake conditions by looking back the earthquake history the last 200 years ago. If we use high performance elements to the structure, we can reduce seismic demand and business interruptions. Shwedagon pagoda is the holiest one within other places in the world and the heart of Myanmar’s religious life from the very first time of its construction”.

By investigating the extent and causes of damage caused by the earthquake in Bagan at 1975, the Nargis cyclone at 2008, the flood at 2009, the earthquake in Tarchilate, Shan state at 2011, the earthquake in Shwebo at 2012 and the earthquake at Sakaing.

President and CEO Kit Miyamoto specializes in high-performance earthquake engineering, and disaster mitigation, response, and reconstruction. He arrived to Yangon at January, 2013 and discussed with the minister at Naypyidaw.

H.Kit Miyamoto explained with the recorded video file for the high performance earthquake engineering approach saved the construction costs .

One of the engineer at the seminar said that “Although H.Kit Miyamoto advised the need for concrete grade beams with the use of fluid viscous dampers for the Shwedagon pagoda to resist the earthquake, Myanmar people will be difficult to accept with Shwedagon Pagoda.”

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