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Miyamoto International performed a seismic evaluation of Chapman Hall, a 2-story concrete building constructed in 1931. The seismic evaluation was in accordance with the UC Seismic Safety Policy and assigned an earthquake-performance rating level based on the findings of the seismic analysis. Identification of structural elements requiring strengthening and the feasibility of strengthening options were provided in the report results for UCR’s planning purposes. The seismic analysis performed included Tier 1 and Tier 2 using ASCE 41. Each of the concrete elements was explicitly modeled in 3D using ETABs to fully utilize the building’s ability to resist lateral loads in the structural analysis model. The building floor and roof diaphragms constructed of concrete pan-joist systems also were analyzed as part of the Tier 2 evaluation. The evaluation report also included investigation results of the building’s exterior arcade, which has concrete arches and wood-framed roof. Overall, this project is exemplary of a seismic evaluation project where a comprehensive analysis was appropriate to fully investigate the building behavior and strength.

Riverside, CA
University of California, Riverside
11,000 SF

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