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The UC Riverside’s Student Health & Counseling Center is a new 40,000-SF, two-story structure in the UCR campus that will offer integrated and holistic care in a welcoming and student-centered environment. The facility, which will provide medical and mental health services, is designed to become an integral part of the campus’s spirit, a destination that addresses the student’s experience. The facility includes medical services, a conference center and pharmacy at the first level; a two-story lobby space; counseling services and meeting spaces on the second level; and a small partial basement.

The structural design consists of a lateral force resisting system of Buckling Restrained Braced Frames. Miyamoto International is providing structural peer review services for this project. These services cover construction drawings, specifications and structural calculations; construction quality assurance; providing peer review comments; and collaborating with the design-build team as construction drawings are being produced and revised. Throughout the process, our engineers communicate closely with the design team and engineer of record to coordinate review comments while maintaining the schedule.

Riverside, CA
University of California, Riverside
$27.8 Million
40,000 Square Feet

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