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Children in rural Haiti lack access to educational facilities. In 2014, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) partnered with Haiti’s Ministry of Education and Professional Training (MENFP) to build 15 new public school buildings in remote villages across Haiti. The children had previously studied in tents or makeshift classrooms in the open.

UNICEF contracted with Miyamoto International to perform the structural design of the school prototype that was to be of steel construction and seismically safe. Each school campus has six classrooms and a cafeteria. During construction, Miyamoto International’s engineers provided full-time construction supervision and management to ensure that proper quality was maintained and construction schedules were adhered to. Due to the remoteness of these schools, some being more than a day’s hike away from the nearest road, managing time and quality was an immense challenge that Miyamoto International welcomed.  In late 2014, the construction works were successfully completed and hundreds of village schoolchildren were attending classes on new, seismically safe school campuses.

Market Sector
Northern and Southern Departments of Haiti
Completion Date
United Nations Children’s Fund
15 schools
each approximately 400 square meters
includes 6 classrooms and cafeteria

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