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Los Angeles Police Academy New Training Facility
Los Angeles Police Academy New Training Facility

The Los Angeles Police Academy Training Center consists of four one-and two-story reinforced concrete shear wall structures. The buildings, which vary in size from 2,000 to 9,000 SF, are primarily used for classroom, simulation and office functions. Additional space is allocated for storage, lounge and other functions. The location of the site provided several challenges during construction. Located in a ravine with steep banks and a firing range, the two westerly buildings had to be constructed with reinforced concrete walls designed to withstand up to 25 feet of retained earth and the two easterly buildings required deeper foundations to meet bedrock. In order to provide the best solutions for each building, more than 60 load combinations were analyzed. The results afforded each building a unique solution based on building size and location within the site.

Market Sector
City of Los Angeles, RNL Design
$12 million
20,0000 SF

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