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The Chaudhary Group is a very successful international conglomerate headquartered in Kathmandu, Nepal. CG Developers, the main real estate unit for the Chaudhary Group, focuses on developing properties that are sustainable, affordable and strategically located for the use of the general public. In support of this mission, Miyamoto is providing the structural engineering and architectural local representation of CG Developers’ new multi-use commercial complex to be built in Lalitpur, Nepal.

This building is a 10-story office block and an 11-story serviced apartment block. The office building will mainly be used by international and national organizations helping to develop and foster growth in Nepal and the serviced apartment building will provide housing to the people who work for or are associated with these organizations. This will be an iconic building because of its unique and innovative design and is the only commercial center in Nepal featuring a helicopter pad to provide easy and efficient access. It is also being built in very close proximity to the Minister’s residence and many United Nations offices.

Miyamoto has provided the structural design for the complex, which combines a moment frame system with reinforced concrete shear walls, in accordance with earthquake resistant design standards and criteria. Additionally, Miyamoto has conducted research and performed structural analyses based on the parameters of the April 25th earthquake to ensure that the building will perform well in future earthquakes. Miyamoto is coordinating with the architect throughout the project and has produced structural drawings that will be presented to the Government of Nepal for approval.

Market Sector
Mixed Use
Kathmandu, Nepal
Completion Date
CG Developers of the Chaudhary Group
420,330 SF

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